Primary Care Physicians

1133 College Avenue, Suite C143 Manhattan, KS 66502

Clinic: (785) 537-4940 Option 1 Business: (785) 537-7323 Option 3

Primary Care physicians started out in 1976 with the following physicians: Dr. Tiemann, Dr. Gardner, Dr. Brown and Dr. Taylor. The focus was to provide Manhattan, Kansas with Family Care and Internal Medicine. The founders of this practice were Dr. Tiemann and Dr. Gardner with the original name of the practice being that of the doctors employed.

With the departure of Dr. Seaton to Stonecreek in 1999, Primary Care Physicians became an Internal Medical clinic treating adults from ages 14 years and older (Internal Medicine specializes with adult concerns).

Doctors who have/are practicing at Primary Care Physicians

Year Associated
with Primary Care
Medical Degree from
Currently Practices in
William H. Tiemann, M.D.
July 1976
University of Nebraska
June 1967
Omaha, Nebraska
James D. Gardner, M.D.
January 1977
St. Louis University
June 1971
Primary Care Physicians
Manhattan, KS
Robert M. Brown, M.D.
December 1977
Kansas University Medical Center
June 1963
Barbara D. Taylor, M.D.
August 1980
Kansas University Medical Center
June 1975
Primary Care Physicians
Manhattan, KS
Jacqi I. Seaton, M.D.
August 1998
Kansas University Medical Center
May 1993
Manhattan, KS
Earl Reppert, M.D.
December 1986
University of Nebraska
June 1968
Irwin Army Community Hospital
Ft. Riley, KS
Dane E. Ditto, M.D.
July 1995
Kansas University Medical Center
Candlewood Medical Group
Manhattan, KS
Rebecca H. Dranetz, M.D.
October 1992
University of Hawaii
John A. Burns School Of Medicine
May 1987

Honolulu, Hawaii
Karen Fagin, M.D.
January 1999
University of New Mexico
June 1995
Infectious Disease Specialist
Mercy Regional Health Center
Manhattan, KS